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3749 Ponte Chiodo ~ Canal View

To See in Venice

The name "3749 Ponte Chiodo" is due to the bridge which characterizes its main entrance. The Ponte Chiodo (Nail Bridge) is the last remained in Venice. It is a very ancient bridge which characteristic is its lack of parapet, peculiarity that had all the first Venetian bridges. "Chiodo" means nail and Nail was the surname of the noble family which owned the bridge in the past.

The only other bridge with this characteristic is located in Torcello Island where it is possible to admire the much more famous Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's bridge) the twin of the Venetian Ponte Chiodo.

The number 3749 is the civic number of the B&B - the address - and this is one of the numerous peculiarities of our town. Venetian addresses don't follow with the street where they are located but the numeration of the areas (sestrieri). The B&B "3749 Ponte Chiodo" is the building number 3749 of Sestriere di Cannaregio.



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